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Leading precision components and SMT accessories suppliers. GS-SMT LTD announced the expansion of the NPM SMT chip mounter feeder series.

The new high-speed head from Panasonic has increased productivity compared to previous models. GS-SMT LTDfeeders allow this chip mounter to provide higher reliability and performance on the Panasonic NPM platform


On each machine, the Panasonic NPM interchangeable head supports almost all surface mount component types. And to achieve high-speed chip components and special-shaped component placement. EachGS-SMT LTDfeeder has original data and tests. Easy to identify users and machine software.


GS-SMT LTD offer all standard feeders for the following NPM mounters:

-12 / 16MM

-24 / 32MM

-44 / 56MM





We can also provide custom design feeders for OEMs based on customer and application specific requirements.As well as special feeder design for special-shaped components (LEDs, connectors, pins, clamps, fixtures, etc.)For your automated custom component process,We have the ability to make the feeder fit for your application.


All SMT feeders and consumables are guaranteed to work properly with the original equipment.Each of our products produced by our company has a 100% satisfaction

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