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4-702-872-01 Cover, Take-up reel (32mm)


Sony Feeder parts4-702-872-01      Cover, Take-up reel (32mm) 

Sony Feeder spare part:

PART NAME: Cover, Take-up reel (32mm)

PART NO: 4-702-872-01        

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We offer all brand SMT spare parts ,such as feeder parts , machine parts , nozzles, filter, dispensor, belt, Feeder Carts, AI part ,etc. 

We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts

Brand: Fuji, Hitachi/Sanyo,Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon/Phillips, Sanyo, SIPLACE/SIEMENS, Universal, DEK , I pulse ,and Yamaha.


Sony parts for sales instore :

X-4700-022-1      Wheel Ass'y ( 8*4 ) 

X-2320-959-3      LINER ASSY, MAGNET 

4-702-744-02      Lever, Positioning 

4-702-751-01      Cover, Take-up reel(8mm) 

X-4700-138-2      Cover Ass'y, Tape (12MM*8) 

X-4700-051-3      Cover Ass'y, Tape (12MM*8)  

4-760-676-01      Wave washer 

4-706-624-31      Cap, Clamp lever 8×2P 

4-702-751-03      Cover ,Take-up reel(8mm)

x-4700-067-4       Cover Ass'y, Tape (16MM*12) ) 

4-702-747-02      Lever ,Feed(8-24mm) 

X-4700-102-1      Guide Ass'y, Clamp lever 

X-4700-251-000  Lever Ass'y, Feed < SONY8*2 > 

X-4700-025-1      Lever Ass'y, Feed < SONY8*2 > 

X-4700-014-1      Wheel Ass'y 

X-4700-014-0      Wheel Ass'y

4-702-694-02      Shaft, Lever Positioning 

4-702-756-03      Reel, Take-up(Ratchet) 

4-702-756-01      Reel, Take-up(Ratchet) 

4-702-692-02      Pin, Eccentric Positioning 

4-702-874-05      Cover, Take-up reel (12MM) 

4-702-874-01      Cover, Take-up reel (12MM) 

4-702-950-01      Cover, Take-up reel (44mm) 

4-721-707-01      LEVER FEED(44/56mm) 

4-702-718-01      Spring, Compression, Clamp 

4-702-920-01      Cover, Take-up reel (16MM) 

X-4700-069-1      Cover, Take-up reel (56mm) 

4-702-752-05      SONY 


4-702-843-01      Cover, Take-up reel (24mm) 

X-4700-0521-0    Retainer Ass'y, Tape ( 12mm ) 

SN-X47000521-0 Retainer Ass'y, Tape ( 12mm ) 

X-4700-052-1      Retainer Ass'y, Tape ( 12mm ) 

X-4700-290-1      COVER ASSY, TAPE 8×2 G (X-4700-290-1) 

4-703-993-01      Reel, Take-up (12mm Over) 

4-702-871-01      Reel, Take-up (12mm Over) 

4-702-872-01      Cover, Take-up reel (32mm) 

4-702-904-01      Cover, Take-up reel (32mm) 

4-702-840-03      LEVER FEED(24/32mm) 


X-4700-021-1      Lever Ass'y, Feed 8*4 

X-2320-959-3     LINER ASSY  MAGNET