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ASM/SIEMENS PARTS 03057033-03 Nozzle- 2037cpl.




03057033-03 Nozzle- 2037cpl.

ASM&Siemens machine parts

Part Name & Part Number

03057033-02 Vacuum Nozzle Type 2037

03057033 SIEMENS NOZZLE 2037


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GS-SMT offer SMT spare parts ,such as feeder parts , machine parts , nozzles, filter, dispensor, belt, Feeder Carts, AI part ,etc.

We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts

ASM&Siemens machine parts for sales

Can offer the parts in original new, used or compatible condition.


03057033-03 Nozzle- 2037cpl.

03057033-02 Vacuum Nozzle Type 2037

03057033 SIEMENS NOZZLE 2037

03059698-02Nozzle- 2021 cpl.

03059704-01Valve compl. f. tablecentering /P001

03059733S01Main switch 3LD2 with shaft length 55mm

03059743-02Nozzle-2032 cpl.

03059831-02Nozzle-2036 cpl.

03059862-02Nozzle-2034 cpl.

03059908-03Gantry interface gantry 1 and 3

03059909-03Gantry interface gantry 2 and 4

03059921-02Nozzle- 2038cpl.

03059930S01stripper /X2x8

03059989-02Nozzle- 2039cpl.

03060015-02Nozzle-2005 cpl.

03060279S02Pneumatic X-Serie R3

03060379-01Empty belt conducting channel

03060396S01station computer-HS50/60 (ESPRIMO P5915)

03060477-01Waste slide welded complete WPC / D3

03060695S03Splice Sensor S3+ / X8-X12

03060771-01sticky tape 3M 8581 for X4i

03060811S05Conveyor controller TSP-400 cpl.

03060841-01Cable HS50: PC serial 1 - touch screen 1


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